Optionsonar Review | Is Optionsonar Legit?

Optionsonar is a relatively new trading software that has been gaining traction in the markets. It offers traders the opportunity to use their own strategies and data to make informed decisions about their investments. This review aims to evaluate Optionsonar’s features, user experience, and overall performance. In this article, we will discuss what makes Optionsonar stand out from other software tools available in the market, why traders should consider investing in it, and ultimately if it is worth the cost.

Optionsonar Overview:

Optionsonar is an advanced options trade platform that provides users with real-time alerts and powerful analytics to make the most informed investment decisions. It’s easy to use, yet sophisticated enough to meet the needs of experienced investors. With Optionsonar, you can analyze and monitor option prices using AI-driven analytics tools that give you up-to-the-minute market data. The platform also allows users to customize their experience with a wide range of options strategies, from basic strategies such as covered calls and puts to more complex strategies like vertical spreads and straddles.

Optionsonar also offers educational resources for those who are new to options trading, including tutorials on how to set up your account, create your portfolio, manage risk, and place trades.

Core Features:

Optionsonar is an innovative trading platform that offers a suite of powerful tools to help traders make smart decisions. Its core features include trade analysis, portfolio monitoring, and risk management. This Optionsonar Review explores each of these features in detail to provide readers with an in-depth look at the platform’s potential for success.

The first feature, trade analysis, allows traders to analyze stock options based on multiple criteria like volatility and implied movement. This can be used to compare trends between similar stocks and develop strategies for making more successful trades. Additionally, users can view detailed charts that help visualize the data points they are examining.

The second core feature is portfolio monitoring; this tool helps traders track real-time performance across their entire portfolio.

Pros & Cons:

Optionsonar is a software program designed to help investors analyze the stock market and make better investment decisions. In this review, we will discuss the pros and cons of Optionsonar and why it is an attractive option for investors.

Optionsonar provides its users with access to detailed reports on stocks and options that include accurate pricing data, volatility forecasts, market trends, and historical data. This allows investors to quickly evaluate potential investments before making a decision. Additionally, Optionsonar makes it easy to monitor open positions by providing real-time updates on profit margins and losses.

On the downside, Optionsonar’s user interface can be difficult for beginners to understand at first glance; however, as they become more familiar with the platform’s features they should find it easier to navigate.


The Optionsonar platform stands out from its competitors in terms of cost. This comprehensive options trading system offers a range of pricing plans to suit traders of all levels and budgets.

For starters, the basic plan is free and includes full access to the web-based trading platform plus unlimited paper trading with real market data. This makes it ideal for beginner traders who want to get some practice before committing to real money. The basic plan also includes premium educational content such as webinars and seminars that cover everything from portfolio optimization strategies to advanced technical indicators.

The standard plan adds more features at an affordable monthly rate, such as customizable charting tools, personal support specialists, and automated order execution on over 50 exchanges worldwide. Professional investors can upgrade further to the Pro plan which features a lower per-trade commission rate along with personalized account management services.


Alternatives to Optionsonar are becoming increasingly popular for investors who want to maximize their earnings from stock market trading. Optionsonar is a leading software platform that provides traders with the tools they need to make informed decisions about stocks, options, and futures. However, this platform is not without its flaws. Many investors have found that other platforms offer features not available through Optionsonar at a lower price point.

Investors should look into alternatives like PowerOptions and OptionStation Pro as potential substitutes for Optionsonar. Both of these programs are highly rated by users and offer advanced analytics coupled with comprehensive customer support. They also provide features such as real-time charting capabilities and customizable alerts which can help traders stay one step ahead of the markets at all times.


In conclusion, Optionsonar is a useful trading platform that novice and experienced traders alike can benefit from. It offers an intuitive interface, comprehensive design features, and a wide range of educational resources. Its built-in risk management controls and advanced charting capabilities are also excellent benefits for traders. Furthermore, the customer support team is very responsive and helpful with any inquiries or technical issues you may have. All in all, Optionsonar is an excellent choice for online trading platforms.

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