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Hunter boots have become an iconic fashion staple in the past few years. Not only are they stylish and versatile, but they are also designed to keep feet warm and dry during wet weather conditions. Unfortunately, the demand for Hunter boots has created a surge of fake versions that may look similar, but lack the quality and craftsmanship of genuine Hunter boots. To help you purchase the right pair, this article will provide tips on how to spot counterfeit Hunter boots.

Spotting Fake Hunter Boots:

If you’re looking to purchase a pair of Hunter boots, beware of fakes! Counterfeit pairs are everywhere these days, and they can look deceptively similar to the real thing. So how do you tell the difference? With a few key steps, you can quickly spot fake Hunter boots.

First, take a close look at the brand logo. Genuine Hunter boots feature an oval-shaped logo with “HUNTER” written above a set of crossed flags. The font should also be consistent and easily legible on authentic versions. Additionally, check for any misspellings or smudged lettering which could indicate that the product is not genuine.

Next, inspect the material quality of your potential purchase.

Identify the Logo & Fonts:

Identify the Logo & Fonts: Authentic Hunter Boots vs. Counterfeits

Counterfeit products have been around for decades, and in recent years have become more prevalent than ever before. Hunter boots are a prime target for counterfeiting due to their high price tag and popularity with celebrities and trendsetters alike. To make sure you’re buying an original pair of Hunter boots, it is important to familiarize yourself with their brand logo and font styles. Knowing these features can help you spot fakes from a mile away!

The official Hunter logo consists of two crossed hunting rifles inside a black octagon shape. In addition, the word ‘Hunter’ is written across the middle of the octagon in bold white or yellow lettering depending on the style of the boot.

Compare Quality of Materials:

When shopping for Hunter boots, consumers should be aware of the difference between genuine and counterfeit products. Genuine Hunter wellies are made from only the highest quality materials, while counterfeits are created with cheap alternatives. The ability to distinguish between these two types of boots is critical when making a purchase.

To compare the quality of materials used in authentic Hunter boots and their fake counterparts, look closely at the rubber material that makes up the majority of the boot. Authentic Hunter rubber is soft yet thick, flexible, and strong enough to stand up to conditions such as mud, snow, and rain. Counterfeit versions will often contain thin or stiff rubber which can easily tear or crack after only a few years.

Differences in Quality:

Fake Hunter boots have become increasingly popular in recent years, and it can be difficult to tell the difference between a real pair of boots and a fake. Quality is always an important factor when it comes to buying shoes, but with fake Hunter boots, there are additional considerations that need to be taken into account. Knowing the differences in quality will help you make sure you’re purchasing a real pair of boots that will last you for years.

The first way to determine the quality of your Hunter boots is by looking at the material. Real Hunter boots are made from vulcanized rubber which is highly durable and water resistant. Fake versions may not use this same material, making them less reliable in wet weather conditions.

Retailer Research:

Are you considering buying a pair of Hunter Boots? With the increasing popularity of this iconic British brand, it’s important to be aware of fraudulent retailers who are selling counterfeit products. The key to spotting fake Hunter Boots is doing your research before you buy.

Be sure to read reviews of the retailer before making any purchases and check for authenticity certificates from the manufacturer. You should also keep an eye out for any discrepancies in pricing that seem too good to be true – if an online store is offering boots at a significant discount, they may not be genuine. It’s also advisable to contact customer service directly and ask them questions about their product guarantee policies and returns process.

Finally, pay attention to details like logos, tags, and packaging when assessing whether a particular pair is genuine or not.


In conclusion, spotting fake Hunter Boots is an important skill to have when shopping for these popular rain boots. Knowing what to look for and understanding the pitfalls of buying online can help you make an informed decision when purchasing your next pair of Hunter’s. To recap, be sure to check the quality of materials, inspect the stitching, compare the font on the logo label, and always buy from a reputable seller.

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