GM BuyPower Card Review: Detailed

If you are looking for a credit card that can help you save money on GM products and services, the GM BuyPower Card is an option to consider. This article provides an in-depth review of the benefits and features offered by the GM BuyPower Card so that you can make an informed decision when choosing the right card for your needs. We will examine topics such as rewards, fees, customer service, and more in order to provide a comprehensive overview of this card.

GM BuyPower Card:

The GM BuyPower Card is a great choice for car owners looking for a wide range of rewards and benefits. This card offers exclusive discounts on General Motors vehicles and services, along with generous cash-back rewards. With flexible financing options and no annual fee, the GM BuyPower Card is an ideal option for those who are loyal to GM brands.

Designed specifically with General Motors customers in mind, the GM BuyPower Card provides access to exclusive specials on cars, trucks, SUVs, crossovers, and vans from Chevrolet, Buick, GMC, and Cadillac. It also offers great discounts on accessories, parts, and services at authorized dealers across the country. Plus you get 5% earnings on all purchases made at participating retailers– perfect for stocking up on tires or buying new wiper blades!

Benefits: Rewards, Points, Cashback:

If you’re looking for a rewards credit card that can help you save money on your everyday purchases, the GM BuyPower Card is one to consider. This review will give you an in-depth look at the benefits of this card and explain how it offers rewards, points, and cashback incentives to customers.

The GM BuyPower Card offers an impressive 5% Earnings reward on all eligible purchases made with the card. These Earnings can be redeemed towards the purchase or lease of new Chevrolet, Buick, GMC, or Cadillac vehicles at participating dealerships – so if you’re in the market for a new car, there’s no better way to get a great deal. Additionally, cardholders earn 2% Earnings on purchases made at gas stations and grocery stores as well as 1% Earnings on other eligible purchases.

Membership Levels: Preferred, World:

The GM BuyPower Card is a rewards credit card that offers customers two different membership levels: Preferred and World. Consumers have the option to select the membership level that best suits their needs, depending on the type of purchases they typically make.

The preferred membership level is ideal for buyers who purchase items such as groceries, entertainment, and other everyday expenses. This plan includes a 5% reward in Earnings on purchases up to $5,000 a year at GM dealerships or participating stores. Members can also expect to receive easy account management with real-time notifications, no balance transfer fees, and an APR rate of 16.24%.

The world membership level offers similar features but with additional added benefits such as a 6% reward in Earnings on all purchases at GM dealerships or participating stores up to $10,000 per year.

Fees & Rates: APR, Balance Transfer:

Are you looking for a GM BuyPower Card review that covers all the fees, rates, and APR (annual percentage rate)? You’ve come to the right place. Our detailed review will provide information on all of these topics, so you can make an informed decision when applying for this card.

The standard APR is 16.99% to 25.99%, which is fairly typical among other credit cards in its class. Balance transfers are allowed, but there is a 3% transfer fee (min $5) applied to each balance transfer transaction made with the GM BuyPower Card. The late payment fee varies depending on your total outstanding balance and can range from $25 – 39 dollars; cash advance fees are also applicable at 5%.

Perks & Special Offers:

For those looking to make the most of their money, a GM BuyPower Card can be an attractive choice. With it, you can earn rewards on your purchases and access exclusive offers from General Motors and its partners. If that sounds like something you’d be interested in, then read on for a detailed review of the GM BuyPower Card. This review will cover how to apply for a card, what types of rewards you can get with it, and some special offers available exclusively to cardholders. So if you want to maximize your spending power while getting extra perks on the side, keep reading to find out more about this exciting credit card offer from General Motors!

Other Features: Mobile App, Security:

The GM BuyPower Card is an attractive option for those looking to make their car-buying experience more convenient. Offering a comprehensive suite of features, the card makes it possible to both finance and purchase a vehicle with ease. In addition to its primary feature set, however, the GM BuyPower Card also offers two additional benefits: a mobile app and enhanced security measures.

The GM BuyPower Card mobile app is designed to make managing your account easier than ever before. This intuitive application provides users with access to all their account information on the go, allowing them to stay informed about their finances without having to log into their online bank account or call customer service. With this helpful tool at your disposal, you can monitor your balance, pay bills and keep track of recent transactions — all from your smartphone or tablet!

Comparison to Similar Cards:

The GM BuyPower Card is a great option for car owners who want to save money on gas and other automotive purchases. But how does it stack up against similar cards in the market? To help you decide if the GM BuyPower Card is right for you, this article will do a thorough comparison with other credit cards designed specifically for car owners.

We’ll start by comparing the GM BuyPower card to the Shell Fuel Rewards Mastercard and Chevron/Texaco Techron Advantage Visa Card. Both of these cards are dedicated to earning fuel rewards points, but they differ when it comes to bonus points and redemption. The Shell card offers higher bonus points per gallon at participating locations, while the Texaco/Chevron card offers more flexibility in terms of redeeming your points across different types of fuel purchases.


In conclusion, the GM BuyPower Card is a great credit card option for those looking to save money and earn rewards on gas. The card offers a competitive introductory APR and long-term APR has no annual fee and provides 5% earnings back on the first $5,000 in purchases for the first 12 months. The GM BuyPower Card also offers exclusive discounts on Chevrolet, Buick, GMC, and Cadillac vehicles that can be used towards any purchase from an eligible dealer.

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